Hello world!

I am a senior research associate at the Alan Turing Institute. Here I am part of the Defence and Security group.

Currently I am interested in causal inference, multi-objective optimisation, the sensor scheduling problem and more general experimental design (to mention but a few). I am particularly interested in those topics under the umbrella of dynamical systems theory. Under this aegis, I recently completed some postdoctoral work with Theo Damoulas on the London Air Quality project, to try to illicit new ideas and understanding in this domain. I also organise Project Odysseus - a COVID-19 project.

Before coming to the Alan Turing Institute I, along with others, started a company: Kamin AI in Sweden. Whilst in Sweden I was also working as a research fellow at the University of Liverpool, under the guidance of Colin Bannard and Tom Stafford, developing NLP-based methods for early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. That work recently got published at CoNLL.

Prior to all of that (cheeky little Bayesian word-play for you there) I was a DPhil (PhD) student at the University of Oxford, working with Frank Wood, Ingmar Posner and Michael Osborne. My thesis focused on Bayesian nonparametric methods and their application to powered prosthetics and behaviour-modelling of prides of African lions (no, really).